Intertraffic 2024 Amsterdam

Intertraffic 2024 - Amsterdam

Event photographer and videographer to capture professional photo and video

Looking for an event photographer or videographer at the Intertraffic 2024 Amsterdam?

Intertraffic Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition for mobility and traffic technology.

Professional photos and videos will make your presentation more memorable so that you can make the most out of your experience at the trade show.

Ambience photos

To get the best impression of your booth, the need for good ambience pictures is necessary.

Product photos

Capturing your products and services in a the way that visitors will remember what makes your presentation more meaningful.

Interaction photos

Related interaction photos and videos with the public, shows your successful fair participation and is a confirmation of a good investment.

AHK HannoverMesse

If it is about event photography and videography

Make full use of the knowledge and experience.

Well organized
I will take the worries out of your hands. I will take care of the complete photography and videography and organize everything that comes with it. I will be there on time, and at any moment that counts. Because, as a trade show photographer I know what it’s all about.
Involved and quick
Trade show photography and videography means: being involved with your subject. Feel what is happening and capture the moment. Switching quickly so you don’t miss anything. Keeping a cool head when tens or hundreds of people are listening, talking and laughing at the same time… and are touched. I will make sure that you have the most beautiful pictures, of all moments. And I always work with a checklist, so that I know for sure that I keep my promises.


The rates of trade show photography in Europe

Stand and product photos
10 pictures
This product includes:
• 10 clean photos of your choice including all image rights
• Overall booth (from multiple angles)
• Shots of booth and products
• Booth staff / team picture
• Pick additional photos
• Formats: Digital, print quality of 300 dpi, monitor resolution of 72 dpi
• include postproduction
• delivery within 3 days by wetransfer.
  • Inclusive postproduction
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Event photography
2,5 hours
This photo product is perfect for events that have a scheduled time frame and where the focus is on presentations, parties, or other similar occasions. The number of photos is not a concern with this product.

  • Inclusive postproduction
Ask for a quotation
1 minute video
This product incluces:
• 1/ 1,5 minute video
• Interactions with clients
• Products
• Detailed shots of booth
• Ambience shots from the booth
• Your preferences
• include postproduction with 2 revisions
• delivery within 3 days by wetransfer.

  • Inclusive postproduction
Ask for a quotation
Terms of Service

General terms and conditions.

The agreement is entered into with Trade Show Photography.



The photographer will photograph/ film your event/ stand during opening
hours, and strives not to infringe the trademark rights and personal rights of
third parties.

You may select the pictures sent by email within one week after the event is
over. You may also order extra pictures. The pictures will be sent within one
day after selection via WeTransfer.
Orders are final after confirmation by the Photographer/ videographer.
User rights.
The user rights lie with the client/exhibitor and they are authorized to use
the visual material without limitations and free of rights. The creative rights
lie with the photographer.

Third-party rights.

If the client/exhibitor publishes a Photographic/ Video Work, it is solely
responsible for obtaining the consent of those persons depicted and/or other
legally entitled parties. The client/exhibitor indemnifies the Photographer
from all claims relating to the same.
The Photographer is obliged to cooperate in tracing the persons referred to in
this article.

Liability of the Photographer/ videographer.

The Photographer/ videographer is not liable for any loss suffered by the
Other Party unless such loss is caused by gross negligence or deliberate
act of the Photographer or any third party acting on his behalf. Any liability is
limited to the amount of the invoice or, if and insofar as the damage is insured,
up to the amount of the sum actually paid out under the insurance policy.
The photographer is not obligated to provide services due to causes beyond
their control, operational malfunctions, strikes, and illnesses.

Invoice and payment.

The Other Party shall check that the invoice of the Photographer is accurate.
If the Other Party has not rejected the invoice in writing and returned it to
the Photographer within ten working days of its date, providing legally
relevant reasons for doing so, then the invoice shall be deemed to be binding
between the parties and the Other Party loses any right to put in a claim.
Payment shall be made within thirty days of the date of the invoice.
The Other Party shall pay the amount due to the Photographer without any
reduction or claim to compensation, except for the deduction of any advance
payments agreed between the parties and previously made to the
Photographer. If the Photographer has not received the amount due within
the period, the Other Party is in breach and therefore liable for interest at
the statutory rate plus 2%.

If the Other Party is in breach of any of its obligations under the agreement,
including any infringement of copyright, then it is liable for all judicial and
extra-judicial costs incurred in seeking compensation for the same.
Any use of the Photographic Work whatsoever is prohibited until the Other
Party has paid any outstanding invoice of the Photographer or has otherwise
complied with any other obligation arising from any agreement whatsoever
with the Photographer.

Cancellation terms.

Cancellation is free of charge if made up to two weeks before the scheduled
service. If a cancellation is received between one and two weeks before the
scheduled service, a fee of 50% of the contract value will be charged.
Cancellations made after this timeframe will be billed in full.
Trade Show Photography is part of:
Adriaan van Dam Fotografie.

Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands: 30138458
VAT number: NL001700609B28

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  • For whom

    event agencies
    organization agencies
    artist agencies
    fair organisation agencies
    congress agencies
    event locations

  • To use

    as a reminder to your presentation
    in your newsletters
    on your website
    in brochures and publications
    as press photos for future events

Rai Amsterdam

Since our first exhibition in 1895, we have grown into a leading international exhibition and conference organisation. We’ve been uniting different worlds, people and markets for more than a century, both at home and abroad. Today we welcome more than 500 national and international conferences, exhibitions and other events, and more than 1.5 million visitors annually. The RAI complex is designed to be as multifunctional as possible to accommodate all types of events, whether you occupy the entire complex or only part of it. (Source Wikipedia)

Rai Amsterdam

When your company is present at Intertraffic 2024 Amsterdam, you will have an opportunity to show your products and services in front of thousands of people from around the world, who are looking for new businesses with exceptional products.
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Apr 16 - 19 2024

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